Since 2003, we have forged relationships with over 50 local suppliers, all of whom provide us with exceptional ingredients or supplies.  We bake for quality and taste.  Our goal is to enhance the products given to us and provide our customers with the best tasting flavors available, using simple techniques and recipes.

What you will find is a revolving door of goodness.  Our "Occasional" Loaf is made using a key ingredient in the height of its season.  The Allium Bread was created when a local farmer called to say they had a field of spring onions they didn't know what to do with.  We took them all, roasted them and folded them into dough made with locally milled stone-ground wheat flour.  We like the educational aspect of these loaves and explaining to our customers the connection between farm to table.  A rotation of sweet treats and seasonal cookies are also available at our shop.

We are committed to quality and freshness.  Each loaf is hand formed and carefully tended through each stage of the baking process.  A majority of our breads are naturally leavened, ensuring freshness for days.  Each cookie is hand cut.  We think you'll taste the difference with the first bite. 

Thank you to all our customers for supporting us!

Breadfarm is all about bread. 

We bake our bread for full flavor, using long fermentation practices and the best quality ingredients that we can source.  Our breads are made fresh daily, so that when it hits your table, its loaded with goodness...moist interior, open crumb, great flavor and crisp crust. 

Breadfarm is a naturally leavened bakery.  With all the years of baking artisan breads, Scott found that by using a sourdough starter, he got the best consistency.  Flour changes depending on the season, harvest time, or mill.  Sourdough is much more forgiving, you feed it regularly and it can adapt to what it is being fed.  Our bread is made without any preservatives or additives, just wholesome grains and ingredients.  

Our bread processes take time...we start mixing dough with the sunrise, give our starter breakfast, fold our dough carefully, shape the loaves tenderly, feed the starter an afternoon snack, let our loaves proof consistently and bake them carefully in a steam injected hearth oven. 

When we started Breadfarm, we made 5 different loaves...Chuckanut Multigrain, Farmer Bread, Baker White, Samish River Potato Bread and Bow Hill Baguette.  Our offerings have developed over time...from the creation of our Occasional Loaves, Sour Cherry Lemon Bread, Burger Buns, Hoagies & Dinner Rolls, Herbed Foccacia, Stoneground Miche and 100% Tonasket Rye Loaf.  Not all breads are made every day and others are only sold at our shop or farmers markets. 

It's always best to enjoy bread fresh, however, Breadfarm loaves have great keeping qualities.  Either place bread in brown bag on the counter or place in the freezer.  To "refresh" our loaves, run briefly under faucet and place in a hot oven (425 degrees) for 3-5 minutes or until the crust is crunchy again. 

House White *all organic             Hoagies                       Parisian Baguette
Black Olive Baguette                Multigrain Burger Buns        Dinner Rolls
Bow Hill Baguette *all organic        Monster Sandwich Loaves       Demi Baguette *all organic Tonasket 100% Rye *all organic           North Fork Rye                Sour Cherry Lemon Bread
Chuckanut Multigrain                Herbed Foccacia *all organic    Cinnamon Twist
Samish River Potato Bread           Sesame Burger Buns            Ciabatta *all organic    
Seeded Demi Baguette
*all organic     Challah                       House Wheat *all organic Stoneground Miche *all organic        Fig Anise Panini *all organic        


Our cookies, sweet rustic baked goods and crispy crackers have made a name for themselves over the years.  We have come to realize that people love their sweets and to have a complimentary line of cookies, crackers and baked goods at our shop is a no-brainer.  We use the finest ingredients; organic sugar, butter, nuts and fruit.  People often ask what we put in our baked goods that make them so memorable.  Besides the love (and a smile when you ask) it's pretty simple.  We use the best ingredients we can source.  We're inspired to amaze your palate with exciting flavor combinations.  Our unique offerings are mixed in small batches with attention to quality and consistency.  We don't use any artificial flavorings, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup here folks. 

Note: not all products are available all the time, many rotate with the seasons.

COOKIES                       PANTRY STAPLES                COOKIE BOXES
Parisian Macarons             Granola                       Baker's Choice
Cocoa Nib                     Sirius Dog Treats             Chocolate Lovers Box
Almond Biscotti               Crostini (fig or black olive) Valentine’s Day Box
WW Coconut Shortbread         House Made Preserves          Spring Sandwich Cookie Box
Cranberry Pistachio           Croutons                      Dad’s & Grad’s Cookie Box
Hazelnut Espresso             Crackers (Stoneground Wheat,  Holiday Assortment
Vanilla Shortbread               Seeded, Rye Crisps)
Chocolate Ginger Spice        Stuffing                     
Graham Crackers                                             Aunt Sally’s Shortbread
Fredonia Fig Bars            
PASTRY                        Hot Cross Buns
Whiskey Pecan                 Croissant                     Columba Pasquale
Coconut Macaroons             Pain au Chocolat              Irish Soda Bread
Jam Thumbprints               Fruit Danish                  Summer Shortcakes
Chocolate Thumbprints         Chocolate Babka               Pan D'Oro
Mexican Tea Cookies           Chocolate Bouchons            Stollen
Fredonia Fig Bars             Seasonal Cupcakes, Bundt      Pumpkin Brioche
Palmiers                         Cakes, Snack Cakes,        Edison’s Own Fruitcake
Jam Bars                         Muffins & mini Loaves
Choc- Vanilla Sandwich Cookies